All promotions and marketing efforts are controlled with the issuance of barcodes.  This includes in house promotions, direct mail and any major or minor marketing efforts. 

  • Redemptive Rewards
    • Cash Back, Prizes & Comp from ATI OASIS in a single click
    • Drawing tickets for point
  • Non-Redemptive Rewards
  • Printed Drawing Tickets
    • Tickets for points earned, for example earn an entry for every 10 earned points
    • Tickets based on a given number, for example a direct mail coupon with a barcode for 10 free entries
    • Ticket earnings can be based off points earned today, over a lifetime or over a date spread
  • Special Print
    • Buffet or Cafe coupons can be issued and tracked
    • Match Plays can be printer
    • Any promotion that requires a slip to be printed for redemption elsewhere if possible

  • Bonus Actions Available
    • Drawings – Manages and issues drawing promotions (Multiple promotions can be run at the same time.
    • PBT – Issue EFT/AFT credit to a player’s account
    • Earned Points –Issue earned points to a player’s account.
    • Promo/Adjusted Points – Issue promo or adjusted points to a player’s account
    • None – Documents an action against a player’s account
  • Redemption Control

  • Fully Customizable Tickets, Slips and Documents

  • Promotional Tracking

  • Performance Reporting

  • Direct Mail Reporting

  • Direct integration to PromoTrackerDLM

  • Integration to ATI OASIS

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