Case Study #1: Improving Casino Promotions to Bus Groups

The Situation:
The Island Resort and Casino in Harris Michigan had a challenge that is familiar to many gaming institutions in the U.S., they wanted to improve promotions to bus groups by tracking player activity and offering improved incentives. The goal, of course, was to increase repeat business and customer loyalty. The added challenge was that they needed to differentiate types of bus trips as some were 4-hour stays versus full-days, weekends, and week long trips.

The Solution:
We developed a customized version of our Promo-Trak software to track the gaming involvement for each individual bus group while also allowing for multiple promotion possibilities. For example, one gamer might arrive at a casino as a result of a particular promotion. The next weekend, the same person might join a bus trip to come back for a day trip. The Island Resort can see the players activity and offer promotions based on their previous visits gaming activity.

The Result:
Our software now enables The Island Resort and Casino the ability to receive a player's performance statistics from a previous trip, dynamically analyze it and develop a real-time offer based on the player's profile. The player benefits because he knows if he plays hard, it will improve the offer he receives on his next trip. The casino benefits from higher revenue per head per trip. This functionality is now included with every purchase of Promo-Trak.