Case Study #2: Accurately Calculate Coin-In

The Situation:
In virtually every slot system there is an issue of accounting for unused personal banker (or EFT) credits that can only be used for play. They can not be cashed out or used for anything other than play. A problem arises when unused credits are included in your coin-in (the key revenue volume measure for all casinos), skewing your true dollar value numbers. Most casinos manually back out all EFT credits and make a manual entry the GL. The labor time lost with this process can quickly add up.

The Solution:
Our software was created to automatically review all of the promotional credit transactions, contain them on a per-game basis and remove them from the game's revenue, leaving the casino with a real figure that accurately represents coin-in. Our system is seamless from the front-end and your game figures tie-up automatically with no work on the back-end. This also eliminates the need to make manual GL entries. Our solution works with any core casino system as a stand alone module.

The Result:
Get accurate numbers faster and reduce lost labor time.